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This is the home of Kittistone Bearded Collies of Kidderminster. Email Richard and Jenny Felton at please_spam_here@this_is_not_my_real_email_address.com

The Story of the Puppies

  • Born 16th April 2001.
  • Five slate bitches and three slate dogs
  • Breeders: Richard and Jenny Felton
  • Hipscore: NXS
Labooshar Lord Spencer
Bendale Sweet Jasmine At Kittistone
Ch. Labooshar Lore Lord
Labooshar Spellbinder
Ch. Otterswish O'Connor
Ch. Bendale Love Me Do
Charncroft Capt Cook at Whistbrae
Ch. Tamevalley Folk Lyric at Labooshar
Tamevalley Lamplighter of Labooshar
Labooshar Special Style
Ch. Chriscaro Charlock At Merrythorpe
Ch. Otterswish Eve
Coalacre Collier
Bendale Perfect Love

The puppies were expected on the 22nd April 2001. By the 15th it was becoming clear that Jasmine may well not go the full distance. On the 16th April she began to build nests in her whelping box and that night we put up a camp bed in the whelping room. As soon as the bed was made up Jasmine began to build a nest from the sleeping bag; within the hour she had begun to deliver. Within three hours the litter was complete, mercifully uneventfully, as all our helpers were otherwise engaged!!!

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